Why does the Telemedbook health card increase the effectiveness of the medical checkups?

The recipe of health, in other word, Telemedbook health card for those cases, when you would like to understand and see the results of your medical checkups at one place.

Do you also feel a knot in your stomach, when your doctor prescribes a checkup for you?

I believe, that due to the aggravating disorganized status experienced in healthcare, the horror stories told by your elder neighbor come into your mind. Endless hours…never-ending waiting in a crowded waiting-room, where everyone is complaining and sighing.

It never rains, but it pours.

What happens, when your doctors do not know what your problem is, so they send you for several examinations? Unfortunately, the doctors working in distant surgeries do not speak to each other, so they do not have a clue, that their colleagues, what examinations prescribed for the patient. It is not the doctors’ fault. According to the experiences, the information assigned to the social security card and millions of data registered in the computers of separate institutions are not available for some of the doctors. Unfortunately the computers operating in health care still do not communicate to each other, so your doctors do not know either, that what examinations results you have in the system.

What is the outcome?

3 doctors, 7 assigning sheets, date within 47 days, waiting of 27 hours

What aggravating fight is waiting for you, if your doctor needs the measured data.

9 frequent problems with the examinations

  1. Different measuring results on one hundred papers, examinations results
  2. The doctors working on different areas cannot see into the results coming from other areas or measurements.
  3. There are multiple conciliations among the prescribing doctor, the measuring institution and the family.
  4. Loss of time due to the long lead-time – between the diagnosis and measuring.
  5. There is no possibility for SOS solutions, as there is no emergency calling button in case of trouble, there is no objective viewer, who informs you, that you have bad results.
  6. How will I know, that there is a problem?
  7. There is no regular health check, so if there is a problem, the system does not indicate it, then an assigning sheet has to be asked from the GP.
  8. Distance (every examination is carried out at different places).
  9. How could I communicate the results? How can I get into the situation, where my specialist and family get a whole picture of my health state?

Would not be so great to set us free from these troubles?

If you would irrevocably accompany the labyrinth of Hungarian healthcare, then here is an excellent possibility for taking the lead into your hands! Get to know the advantages of the acceleration lane, where due to the communication, doctors, patients and family members as well have the clear picture.

Why does the Telemedbook card planned with an engineer’s accuracy increases effectiveness of the medical examinations?

By having a Telemedbook health card, you also can start to register your health related measuring data in freely-used web system. The system is so amazingly simple, that the elderly can also use it with ease, but there is also a possibility for getting your data and information automatically into your user drawer.

Types of the most essential measurements, which can be registered in the system:

  • Blood-pressure measurement
  • ECG measurement (with 4 channeled device)
  • Blood-oxygen measurement
  • Blood-sugar measurement
  • Fever measurement
  • Cholesterol (it is not automatic yet)
  • Body weight measurement

Choose the freedom and security thanks to measuring results, which can be monitored, as Telemedbook health card facilitates the communication among doctors and make it possible for sharing the problems with your loved ones.

By having Telemedbook health card, you can anytime visit a measuring point, where specialists measure your essential health data (ECG, blood-oxygen level, blood-sugar, blood-pressure, body weight). These values automatically appear in the system at the very moment of the measurement. If the results vary from the adequate, healthy level refers to a problem, then the system automatically sends an email for the persons (doctors, family members) named by the client.

I ask you to believe, that if will be a fantastic feeling, when your relatives will be able to know their way in the troubled world of healthcare problems, as due to the clear-out registration system they can talk over at what measurements they participated at and what results they had.

Revolutionary new solution for interpretation of measuring results

How do you invoke Telemedbook card before the examination?

Ask Telemedbook card from our partner at a small amount of 2€ and enjoy the happy moment of transparent health checks, when you do understand what the measuring results indicate.

Yes, you have seen it well.

You can irrevocable set you free from the torments of inexplicable measuring results at a price of a box of medicine.

See your health state clearly!

Order Telemedbook health card now!

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