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Mobilecare Basic bundle

Contents of the bundle

Moniphone basic device
A remotely monitored, push-button personal care mobile phone that can be adapted to the needs of our elderly loved ones.
Available colours: white, black, grey
More information about Moniphone…
Push-button, splash-proof watch
An add-on to the Moniphone is the push-button, splash-proof wrist watch, from which emergency calls can be made. It’s simple to use, with a high- quality, aesthetic design.
Wireless Charger
The wireless charger makes everyday charging convenient and trouble-free. It’s elegant and practical, and doubles as a phone holder, so you can always see the notifications received on your device.
A useful addition to the Moniphone is the lenyard, which can easily be attached to the device, so it’s with you at all times.

Optional communication services

The package includes 150 minutes of phone calls, accurate to the second.
Calls within the call-group are free of charge.
Please note that out-of-group calls are charged at 9.90Ft/min.
The package includes unlimited domestic calls.

Optional remote monitoring services

Dispatcher – with operator
The remote monitoring service provider dispatch center you choose receives alerts 24/7 from the Moniphone, supported by Monitoringbook PRO monitoring software. Necessary interventions are based on a pre-prepared scenario, and events are always documented electronically.
Moniphone alerts are received 24/7 by the Monitoringbook HOME smartphone application.
In this case, all dispatcher tasks and actions are provided by a relative of the eldelry person, who also bears all responsibilty.

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